1. Why Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instruments (MBTI)? MBTI  is used to understand your type in everyday life and/or as a professional, which helps  to make people more effective and it is used by many organizations, large and small throughout the world. "Since type provides a framework for understanding individual differences, and provides a dynamic model of individual development, it has found wide application in the many functions that compose an organization," Gordon Lawrence and Charles Martin, Building People, Building Programs (CAPT 2001).

2. Why is understanding personality important to individuals and organizations?  A persons personality is pervasive and all-important that it can present a paradox of sorts, meaning it is difficult to assess one's own personality, and impossible to overlook that of others.

3. How does knowing your MBTI help organizations and individuals?

Organizations: Type can be introduced into an organization to support many functions and situations including: managing others, development of leadership skills, conflict resolution, executive coaching, change management, and other more customized needs.

Individuals: When you understand your type preferences, you can approach your own work in a manner that best suits your style, including: how you manage your time, problem solving, best approaches for decision making, and dealing with stress. Knowledge of type can help you better understand the culture of the place you work, develop new skills, understand your participation in teams, and cope with change in the workplace.

About the President

Dr. April L. Jones, Ph.D. is a highly certified and versatile professional with expertise in sociology (BA), social work (MSW), management (MS), and organizational psychology (PhD). In addition, she holds a certificate in Instructional Design and Technology-performance improvement and online education; and, family mediation. 

She is an independent researcher, speaker,  published author of journal articles in ProQuest, European Journal of Social Sciences; as a featured article in Nursing Management of the United Kingdom; and, in Bangalore, India International Journal of Nursing and Clinical Studies. She is a self-published author  of Nurse Commitment, and four other books.

She has presented and/or been accepted to present her research at national and international conferences in Paris, France, Seoul, Korea, Portoroz, Solvenia, Rhodes, Greece, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Jyvaskyla, Finland, Berlin, Germany; and Peachtree City, GA. Dr. Jones research is referenced in other well known researchers' studies about organization commitment as well. Her published dissertation was awarded the 2015 Walden University Presidential Alumni Research Dissemination Award; and, she has guest lecturer/presented at Troy University Montgomery and Auburn University of Montgomery school of business.  

She was featured in The Story Exchange, a digital media project showcasing entrepreneurial women around the world, a world-wide campaign to showcase only 1000 women in business. She has been nominated for several top woman executive recognition's as well. She is a journal reviewer for the American Psychological Association Translational Issues in Psychological Sciences Journal. 

As an organizational psychology practitioner she is known for her critical thinking skills, research in the healthcare industry, and organization development expertise. Dr Jones's career as a life-long manager and social work practitioner consist of research, program evaluation,and  education and training to improve workforce productivity and individual performance. 

She is a member of the American Evaluation Association, American Psychological Association, Association for Talent Development, Federally Employed Women Organization, the International Women's Leadership Association, Society for Professional Human Resource Managers, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, among many others.

"Dr. Jones and the independent consultant team consult to make your vision a reality with scientific based solutions."

Visionary Consulting Services (VCS), LLC is a web-based for-profit education and training company that provides professional (employee/individual) and organization development services, training, and assessments. We are a proud vendor for the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), Auburn University and Auburn University Montgomery!  We are a testing center for SHRM and work in partnership with Halogen Solutions, PAN, and eClass for Learning, to offer a diverse portfolio performance and talent management solutions for our customers.

We specialize in professional and organizational development services online and on-site as requested. Our mission is to assist clients with cost effective solutions to their education and training needs for individuals, teams, and organizations improvement/change by use of evidence and research based methodologies at the click of your fingertips through our assessments and virtual learning system, and/or face-to-face by providing on-site training and education.

Our portfolio of services are  professional development, career coaching, change management programs, conflict management programs/skills development, cross-cultural team development programs/training, customized assessment reporting, customized team development programs, leadership development programs, MBTI team building programs, strategic HR consulting, team coaching, using the MBTI tool in organization programs, performance management; and research services. Through our affiliates Writer's Digest we offer writing and publishing services; and Open Seasame offers a diverse portfolio of continuing edcation and certification courses for various professions. 

 We are known best for our use of the personality inventory, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Instrument, that is incorporated into individual and organization performance and development. Assessing your self or your organization people, getting valid reports, and applying learning that can improve personal and work performance is one of many services we can offer for peak performance.

We are a different kind of company, that allows the customers to learn on the go, at home, or at your office. Our hours are non-traditional (5:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.) Monday-Friday and by appointment on Saturday, which grants the customer the power to choose when you want to partake in one of our services. We do provide online and on-site services during traditional work hours (8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.), as requested. On-demand learning is accessible 24/7, anywhere, anytime.                                        "Go Further with VCS, LLC." 

Service Delivery: e-learning: Virtual (live) workshops, on-demand (self-study/pre-recorded), webinars; on-line assessments, on-site training.

*CEU's or certificate of completion are available for most services. 

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